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[KonTittie] New Lighting System
In mod patch v0957, we will release the new lamps. These things are relatively complex.

** Lamps **
You then have the choice of 3 different blueprints and a total of 20 different lamps. Further lamps are being planned, for example underwater lamps.

You have the opportunity to actively influence fuel consumption. The quality of the lamp reduces fuel consumption.

Each lamp shows the current fuel content and its fuel consumption interval. The current mode is also visualized.

The lamps have an automatic mode and an always-on mode.

In auto mode, they are off during the day and on at night.

In always-on mode, they are always on. This is at the expense of fuel consumption.

All lamps need "candle wax" as fuel, this can be produced cheaply.

Each lamp gets its fuel either from its inventory or from a special fuel store (Light Fuel Stock).

All mod lamps, including future ones, will get their fuel from this warehouse. So you don't have to go to every lamp and refill it.

A lite version of the Medieval lamps can always be built, the rest of the lamps can be found at NPC Piraten or bought at the dealer.

** Light Fuel Stock **
The fuel store for all mod lamps.

A crew NPC can be placed at the camp.

The base level of the NPC is added 1 to 1 to the fuel consumption interval. Means level 30 NPC = 30 seconds more time until the next fuel consumption.

**Technical specifications**

-The fuel interval

The BaseTick is 75 seconds with a quality 100% lamp and with a 200% lamp the Base Tick would be 150 seconds.

Auto mode = BaseTick x 1.3 + Base NPC Level = Consumption interval in seconds

Always-On-Mode = BaseTick + Base NPC Level = Consumption interval in seconds

-Lamp quantities limit

- Land: 40 lamps per 12000 units
- Ship 20 lamps per 2000 units

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